Furnishings are a characteristic of the spaces we live in and accompany us throughout our day. The choice of furnishings is always different from person to person because the people living in the house or moving through the work spaces are different and unique.

The design studio oversees the operations on the building site in order to complete the work in the best possible way.

The structural analysis solves problems of structural mechanics to determine the deformations and internal forces and displacements of the entire structure and its parts. The study performs the calculations necessary for proper design of structures against seismic events.

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Energy certification of buildings is a procedure that certifies the energy consumption of a building (apartment, villa, shop…) classifying it in a graduated scale based on its energy characteristics. The aim is a confortable, energy efficient and qualitative building. The studio prepares energy certificates .

The Studio manages all the necessary land registration for the building/ renovation of a construction and any building issues.